Vision, mission, values

We are entrepreneurs who have decided to make mobile payment accessible, simple and secure for everyone. Built on benevolence and sharing, trendigo's mission is to make payment simpler, more secure and accessible to all.

Accessible to everyone

With the gradual disappearance of money, everyone should be able to accept payments easily without the associated costs destroying value, and everyone should be able to pay without fear of having their banking information stolen.


Our proprietary payment infrastructure is built on APIs and one-time tokens that ensure very high transaction security and very important fraud prevention.


By simplifying the customer and merchant experience, we want to create a win-win ecosystem. The processes are straightforward and immediate. The trendigo merchant community rewards its customers for their purchases and customers use this cash back for purchases in the community. By strengthening ties, you get to know and appreciate each other better in your neighborhood.

Global market and development

Proximity mobile payment is a market estimated at three trillion dollars in 2023, the majority of which concerns small sums spent at neighborhood merchants by 1.3 billion expected users.

Faced with a movement increasingly oriented towards the disappearance of money and the growing need for contactless uses, trendigo is a pioneer. Its unique means of payment by QR code which incorporates a customizable loyalty system brings together everything that is simpler and more secure. Payments are made on secure servers using unique token technologies which significantly eliminate fraud.
Widely used in Asia, payment by QR code is one of the fastest growing segments.



After two years of research and development, trendigo was deployed in payment terminals at 150 merchants in Montreal. Despite the success in use: nearly 1,700 users in a few weeks, the solution encountered major obstacles linked to payment terminals. Frequent updates, unreliable connections on some models, significant costs for merchants ... We have completely revised the payment method so that it benefits both the customer and the merchant. This experience made it possible to finalize the payment infrastructure (back office) and PCI certification.


A redesigned application, more complete with a payment terminal moved to customers' mobiles. No more data circulating without his consent, absolute security. For the merchant, no material investment, payments are always accepted, and he has online monitoring and management tools. A means of payment built on the same infrastructure but not supported by the merchant. The new trendigo ecosystem is in the final phase of development and its release is scheduled for Q4 2020 in the Montreal and Toronto regions.


A global expansion plan supported by our partners will allow trendigo to be accepted in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America very quickly.


Two major partnerships will enable trendigo to become one of the main players in payments worldwide.

Global Payments which ensures the final acquisition of the payment. This major player enables hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world to accept payments. Trendigo becomes one of its complementary products and will be distributed by GP resellers.

Lightspeed, the famous and rapidly growing POS, integrates trendigo into its solution. Each merchant's QR code will be embedded in the Lightspeed solution and printed on their invoices. A version under consideration will in the coming months allow trendigo regulations to be connected to the cash register system.